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Friday, February 25, 2011

Borders' Chapter 11 Filing

Whether you have visited Borders as a regular or not, the bankruptcy filing of the company is yet another troubling sign for the publishing and the book-selling industries. I was happy to investigate this for myself by Information Today's NewsBreaks for a news story last week.

As reported in a New York Times blog today: "One publishing executive recently told The Wall Street Journal Borders indicated it could come back with a business plan in about a month. Whatever the case, Borders doesn't have much time to dawdle."

The clock is ticking and although opinions differ amongst indie bookstores, publishers and authors as to whether this is good news or bad, lack of local choice and multiple distribution channels is an ongoing concern. You can read my published story on this, Borders Bookstores File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, and I'd be interested in your own reactions to the Borders' situation or to the changing landscape of publishing.